UPDATED- 01.06.14

Welcome to the Kiswahili Pointers website

We are Caroline, Royston and Ben Walkling and we live in the Lincolnshire countryside just outside Market Rasen.

Royston and Caroline have both been involved with various aspects of horses, dogs and cats all of their lives and currently show pointers.

Caroline has been placed on the A1 judging lists of The Pointer Club, The Southern Pointer Club and The Pointer Club of Scotland and has awarded two set of CCs in Pointers.

Royston is on the A2 judging list for all three of the Pointer Clubs (Pointer Club, Southern Pointer Club and Pointer Club of Scotland) and will be awarding his first set of CCs in 2015.

We rarely breed pointers these days and usually only when we are looking to keep a puppy but enquiries are always welcome as we may know someone else that can help you if we cannot.

We are always happy to chat to you or answer any queries you have.

Enjoy your visit !!